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2014-2019 MP Report Card by Mumbaivotes.com

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Publishing the email sent by mumbaivotes.com on 2014-2019 MP Report Card. Do check it out and decide wisely. Mumbaivotes scans thousands of news articles and makes it easier for you and me the ordinary citizens to track the progress of our elected representatives.

MP Report card for 2014-2019
Download the MP Report Card here

The EMAIL Copy Pasted Below - MP Report Card

Dear enduring supporter of Mumbaivotes, hope this email finds you in the same optimistic spirit with which you perhaps signed up for meaningful updates about the promises and objectively verified actions of our elected representatives in Mumbai.

Here's a quick update on the effort we've put in over the last 4 months to research the performance of Mumbai's 6 MPs..since "It's not who you are underneath, its what you DO that defines you" (a flashy quote from a feel-good 2005 superhero film!). Here's something for us to consider doing - to hold them accountable

Step 1: Read the hot-off-the-press Performance Report Card of Mumbai's 6 MPs (every single promise they made during 2014 to 2018...tracked down!).

2014-2019 MP Report Card

Step 2: pause, look within, and find something that you really care about (it could be a unfulfilled promise that is inexcusable or some good work that you feel deserves credit).

Step 3: CALL or SMS them (yes, their publicly declared mobile numbers are included), to let them know you're watching.

Step 4: Feel real citizen-power and get friends and family to taste this sweet feeling that is gluten-free, sugar-free, fat free....well...all kinds of FREE!

In solidarity,

Vivek Gilani Ashoka Fellow

The Informed Voter Project

Transparent, Inclusive, Neutral and Informative

MP Report Card